All the jobs, Huge Online Marketplace for Tech Jobs, Moves to NYC

Here's what a Hired applicant's profile might look like. (

Hired, the online marketplace where companies compete to hire people with #tech skills, has just expanded from San Francisco to New York.

The company was founded in April 2012 under the name DeveloperAuction. The cofounders — all serial entrepreneurs — started the online marketplace because they’d all had trouble finding the right talent to hire for their companies in the past. Read More

Planet Reddit

Reddit Hires Former Kleiner Perkins Partner Ellen Pao to Work on ‘Strategic Partnerships’

(Photo: Kleiner Perkins)

Kleiner Perkins partner Ellen Pao, who made headlines last year for suing the company in a widely publicized gender discrimination suit, is gainfully employed once more. After reportedly being fired from KPCB in October 2012, she has now taken a gig at community site Reddit, where she’ll be “helping us build strategic partnerships that benefit the community.” Read More

Talent Crunch

New York Techie Doesn’t Understand Why Everyone’s Upset About Unemployment

Job fair lines in Midtown from 2009 (Photo: published an interesting piece last week under the headline “Silicon Valley Creating Jobs, But Not For Everyone.” The article looked at how the Valley’s unemployment rate has ballooned beyond the national average–up to 8.8 percent in June–despite the growing number of jobs in the tech sector.

Estimates show a similar pattern in New York City. In June, the city’s unemployment jumped to 10 percent, the same abysmal peak we hit in the recession three years ago, even as employment in the tech sector grew 30 percent between 2005 and 2010.  Read More

Hack Hack Hack Hack It Apart

Hey DEF CON Attendees, the NSA Wants to Poach You

(Photo: NSA)

DEF CON, which is the world’s largest hacker conference that’s been around since the heady dot-com days, is a fertile ground for good ol’ fashioned startup poaching. But it looks like citizens of Startupland hankering for engineering talent might have a new competitor, ‘cuz you know who else is looking to swipe some hardcore hackers for their employee roster? The National Security Agency. Amurrica!

After sending its chief to the conference, the NSA has created a special Careers page for DEF CON attendees with the hopes that it can lure some talented hackers towards a cushy government gig. But, don’t think you’re guaranteed a job as a computer hacking spy just because you showed up to DEF CON. They have some pretty stringent guidelines for who exactly they’re looking for: Read More

It's Zuck's World We're Just Living In It

Facebook Continues Its Quest for Engineering Dominance by Publishing a Hiring Cheat Sheet

(Photo: Facebook)

Ever since its bungled IPO, Facebook has grown increasingly serious about snatching top engineering talent for its sprawling compound. The company has even begun plucking Wall Street engineers from their siloed banking institutions and putting them to work cranking out PHP. In fact, it appears the company is growing so desperate for engineers that they’ve compiled a little cheat sheet that can enlighten any potential applicants on how to nab a Facebook job. Read More

eHiring, an “eHarmony for Jobs,” Expands to New York

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Given the dearth of qualified engineers in New York (and Facebook’s propensity for hoarding them), an online job tool geared solely towards programmers and designers was more or less inevitable. Enter, a Florida-based online job company that announced today that it is expanding to New York, along with Chicago and Boston. describes itself as an “eHarmony for jobs,” but if you can forgive them for that PR fumble, the company’s approach to hiring is actually quite novel. “We try to get a deeper understanding of job seekers, life situation, personality, their experience and education, as well as their passions and interests,”’s CEO Darren Bounds told Betabeat by phone last week. “We pair that with a better understanding of a business and their culture and what it takes to be successful in a particular role. We combine those two things and sprinkle algorithmic sugar on top, and we come up with a score. It’s a 0-99 measure of how compatible we feel a person is with a specific role at a specific company.” Read More

Talent Crunch

It Pays to Know Ruby: New York City’s Top Tech Jobs (and Their Average Salary)


Here’s some interesting data that slipped through the holiday news hole. CyberCoders, a technology staffing company, assembled a list of the top ten tech jobs in New York for the coming year.

The company is based in Irvine, California, but recently opened an office in New York. With the office expansion of companies like Google and Twitter, says CyberCoders CTO Matt Miller, “We are seeing a significant demand for various types of web development, as well as candidates who manage projects and the sales team to support those efforts.” Startups are unlikely to ask a staffing firm for help with hiring up, but their numbers offer a nice overview of coveted jobs and compensation. Read More