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NYU Opens Gaming Incubator to Turn Art Students Into Entrepreneurs

One Game Center project called Soft Body is like a traditional shooter, but with "painting" as a core mechanic. (Screengrab via NYU)

NYU Game Center, a young graduate program for game design, is launching an incubator for game development startups this summer in Brooklyn MetroTech Center.

The first batch of games are made up of the most commercially viable thesis projects from this year’s graduating Game Design MFAs. But the Game Center is a part of Tisch School of the Arts, so the students from NYU are less often business-savvy entrepreneurs, and more often artists and design creatives. Read More

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San Francisco Coffee Shop Has Been Incepted by Instagram

Pics or it didn't happen. (Photo: Instagram, via TechCrunch)

TechCrunch reports that the fancy-pants Four Barrel Coffee–which doesn’t deign to offer Wifi–recently posted a list of rules for patrons. It was promptly posted on Instagram. The luddite baristas then posted an updated list of rules, adding, “No posting this on Instagram, you hipster.” The sign was, once again, promptly posted on Instagram.

If someone posts a screenshot of the TechCrunch post on Instagram, then the entire Internet will disappear in a cloud of self-referential smoke.