Shameless Self-Promotion

Ashton Kutcher Punks CBS! How @Aplusk Snuck Foursquare and GroupMe Onto ‘Two and a Half Men’

(Instagram: @thatpatrick)

How hip is Ashton Kutcher? The actor-angel has a hand in many of the hottest social media startups around (as well as some mega-losers) and he loves to do them favors. After Mr. Kutcher subtly pimped his investments without disclosure in Details comes this clever touch of realism: Mr. Kutcher’s tech billionaire character Walden Schmidt has two stickers each for New York startups Foursquare and Groupme on his–is that a Macbook Air?–laptop alongside stickers for his portfolio companies Flipboard, Chegg and Hipmunk. Anybody know what that other red sticker is for? Read More

The Evolution of the Reddit Logo


From the department of shameless Google+ reblogs: Alexis Ohanian posted the first draft of the Hipmunk chipmunk juxtaposed with its current incarnation a few days ago, and it got such a great response that today he did the same for Reddit, showing the first draft and how the sketch was refined up until it became the iconic robot of today. “I like how the character’s antenna was pointing to its right on all your sketches, but the final one miraculously points to the left,” one commenter notes.