Booting Up: ‘Anternet’ Edition

Lotsa ants. (Photo:

The MPAA and the RIAA aren’t raking in as much cash as they used to. [TechDirt]

This breed of ants works a little like the Internet. [PC World]

Time Warner is expanding its fiber network in New York City, hopefully preventing any more techies from tearing their hair out over problems getting high-speed Internet. [Wall Street Journal]

IAC has purchased for $300 million, because of synergy. [The Hollywood Reporter]

America’s V.P. gets no Facebook love. [Buzzfeed]

Getting your Gmail hacked is going to look like a walk in the park once hackers can rifle through your innermost thoughts. [ZDNet]

I Want My Free TV

As Google Wires Kansas City, Looks Like Time Warner Is Asking Employees for Scuttlebutt

The all-seeing eye must know all. (Photo: Link text)

Are you a Kansas City employee of Time Warner Cable? Are you also, perchance, an amateur sleuth? Well, get out your magnifying glass and your deerstalker cap, because your corporate overlord wants something investigated.

Let’s back up. Kansas City is a pilot location for Google Fiber, an experiment in ultra high-speed Internet access. It’s not clear entirely Read More