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Flatiron School Launches ‘Coding Conservatory’ For High Schoolers

Make way for teens. (Facebook)

Calling all teens who aren’t already tech geniuses: the Flatiron School today announced it’s launching a coding conservatory for high school students. Sounds #fancy.

Called Flatiron After School, the new program will teach students 14 to 18 years old about modern programming languages like JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Ruby and Ruby on Rails, a press release stated. It’ll encompass 48 hours of lessons spread out over 12 weeks, and take place at the school’s Wall Street campus at 11 Broadway. Read More

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LinkedIn, the Last Corner of the Internet Not Controlled by Teens, Will Soon Be Invaded by Teens

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Whenever you feel like escaping the grasp of teenage drama that pervades every corner of social networks–from Facebook to Twitter to especially Tumblr–you can always head over to LinkedIn, where adults are doing adult-like things like updating their job profiles with self-serious descriptions and posting links to stories about How to Be a Better Manager.

But beginning in September, that will all change. No longer will there be a single sliver of the Internet that is safe from Youths. Read More

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Teens Do Something Decent, Create Robotic Locker Opener for Disabled Classmate

(Photo: Flickr, JMR_Photography)

We were all ready to write off the youth of the species thanks to #followateen, and now DVice brings us a story about techie high schoolers that doesn’t evolve hazing, cyber bullies or trashy prom dresses. Will wonders never cease?

According to DVice, muscular dystrophy has left Nick Torrance, a student at Pinckney Community High School, wheelchair-bound. Luckily, two of his classmates won the 2012 SkillsUSA national robotics competition, and their coach told them to help him get his locker open easier.

And so:  Read More

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Don’t Tweet Pictures of Standardized Tests, Even If Your Essay Answer is ‘YOLO :)’

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Goofing off on standardized tests can be a high school rite of passage, but we don’t recommend publicizing photos of your test answers unless you want to end up in the principal’s office. Kyron Birdine, a junior at a high school in Arlington, Texas learned this the hard way when he tweeted a photo of his essay for the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR). Read More

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Twitter Partners with Reshma Saujani’s NYC High School Program, Girls Who Code

(Photo: twitter/reshmasaujani)

On its blog today, Twitter announced a new partnership aimed at changing that ratio. The company will be investing “time, energy and money,” to partner with Girls Who Code, a intensive program designed to get New York City high schoolers comfortable with software development.

Girls Who Code was launched by Reshma Saujani, a former deputy public advocate under Bill de Blasio. Ms. Saujani, who is running for Public Advocate in 2013, has strong ties to the tech community both here and in the Valley. Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey and Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes both came out to support her (ultimately unsuccessful) bid for a Congressional seat from New York in 2010. She also recently married LocalResponse founder Nihal Mehta. (Mazel!) Read More