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New Website, ‘Rank NYU’, Rates Coeds, Reveals Private Facebook Pictures

The Hex Bandits Handywork

Do you remember that part at the beginning of The Social Network where a young and naïve Mark Zuckerberg created Facemash, a site where Harvard kids could choose between two different female students based on who was hotter? Well someone finally figured out how to replicate the hack with our own universities.

Over the summer, some hackers called the Hex Bandits created Rank NYU. Visitors can choose between two female NYU students, effectively ranking them. The Bandits told Betabeat that critics could use a sense of humor.

“We knew this site would piss some people off, but we don’t have any bad intentions,” they said. “Believe it or not we actually went through a lot of effort to make it as nice as possible.” Read More