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A Start-ups: Silicon Valley Star Is Raising Money to ‘Reward’ Edward Snowden


The tech world is still trying to figure out what to make of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden–but at least one man knows where he stands.

Facebook employee (awkward, right?) Dwight Crow has launched a Crowdtilt campaign to “reward Edward Snowden for courageously leaking NSA docs” with $15,000. So far the campaign has raised $11,660, which isn’t much of a reward for giving up your entire life.

Of course, you may remember Mr. Crow for his stint on the short-lived, Randi Zuckerberg-produced¬†Start-ups: Silicon Valley. That is, if you actually watched it. (Most people didn’t.) Read More

Visiting Dignitaries

Bravo Star Humblebrag Gives Tech World an Excuse to Write About Harry Styles in a Hot Tub


Anyone concerned about the influence of Bravo’s “Start-ups: Silicon Valley” on the tech world might want to leave the room.

Last week, a picture surfaced of One Direction singer and former Taylor Swift paramour Harry Styles in a hot tub with Sir Richard Branson and several others on Mr. Branson’s Caribbean island. On the other side of the hot tub, in a fetching red bikini: a mysterious blonde. Only it turns out this was no stranger to the tech scene, but rather Hermoine Way, one of the star of Bravo’s much-maligned reality show. Read More