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This High Tech Injection Heals Gunshot Wounds in 15 Seconds

The XStat, pre-injection. (Facebook)

An Oregon based startup might have revolutionized the way we heal gunshot wounds.

Startup RevMedx, which develops products for military medics and members of the emergency services, has created a device that can heal a gunshot wound in 15 seconds, Popular Science reports. The device is called XStat, and its creators are hoping the FDA will approve it for use by medical professionals. Read More

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Spanx Is Squishing Your Organs So Time to Dust Off That Atkins Diet Book

Celeb and noted Spanx wearer, Kim Kardashian (Getty)

Because we know you’ve been tirelessly planning your outfit for the Academy Awards’ red carpet, we thought we’d better inform you that those Spanx you’ve picked out might literally be squishing your organs.

The Huffington Post recently asked a gastroenterologist, a dermatologist and a chiropractor to elaborate on the possible medical dangers of wearing Spanx and other shapewear, and their answers, quite frankly, are far scarier than your juice fast-induced bloating. Read More

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Hypochondriacs Rejoice: WebMD is Beefing Up Its Real-Life Doctor Support

(Photo: Getty)

Imagine if your next false diagnosis of bone cancer or gout came from a real doctor instead of an automated database. This idea could be thrilling if you’re a sane person who happens to dislike going to the doctor–not so much if you’re an obsessive online symptom checker.

Either way, WebMD is getting closer to making it a reality. With their purchase of the health startup Avado, they’ll be beefing up their doctor-patient interactions–and possibly giving the Internet’s biggest hypochondriacs actual, not imagined, heart attacks. Read More

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Incessant Instagram Brunch Pics May Help You Lose Weight

Artist's rendering (of 2 Chainz's brunch). (Screengrab: Instagram)

If you avoid Instagram on Sunday afternoons due to the endless stream of mimosa-and-omelet photos it yields, you may be missing an opportunity for weight loss.

A BYU study found that maybe, just maybe, “seeing photos of certain foods, as opposed to eating them, still gives you a feeling of satiation, which makes those foods less appealing” when you go to stuff them in your face IRL, TechCrunch reports. Read More

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Our Dream of a Dog Collar That Shocks Us When We Say ‘Like’ May Soon Come to Fruition

The apex of teendom, sexting at the mall. (Photo: Getty images)

Young people these days — “millennials,” if you will — catch a lot of flack because of how chilled out and awesome they are. One thing that is kind of annoying about people born from about 1985 onward, though, is their tendency to sometimes say the word “like” every five seconds and end every sentence as if it were a question kind of?

Luckily, though, scientists are developing sensors built to sit inside people’s mouths. The technology will be able to monitor users’ eating, smoking and speech habits, Fast Co. reports. Read More

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In the Future, We Can ‘Exercise’ By Lying Motionless on the Couch

Go for it. (Photo:

Some zany scientists claim that in the future, we’ll be able to lose weight by taking a pill and not actually moving. No, they’re not talking about Adderall.

Two new studies “investigate the enticing possibility” of such a drug, the New York Times reports, although “there remains the question of whether such a move is wise.” Probably the only people who would question the wisdom of never having to work out again are Vibram-wearing freaks. But we digress. Read More