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Solar Roadways Founders Strike Back At ‘Haters’ in the News Media

Solar Roadways wants to turn the nation into Tron-like vision of environmental sustainability. (Photo via Solar Roadways)

Since Solar Roadways reached full funding, many news outlets — ourselves included — have thrown serious shade at the idea that the country might eventually be covered with light-up solar panels.

The founders of Solar Roadways, Scott and Julie Brusaw, have responded to the criticism with a counter-argument/rant on the Solar Roadways site which they’ve titled “Clearing the Freakin’ Air.” Read More

Visiting Dignitaries

Hey, Haters: Mary Louise Parker Plans to Quit Acting Because of the Internet’s ‘Bitchiness’

(Photo: collider.com)

Rule number one of trolls: don’t feed them.

Weeds star Mary Louise Parker seems to have missed that memo. In an interview with News Corps Australia, the actress said that the Internet’s penchant for “bitchiness” and “meanness” has made her want to quit acting. All of those nasty comments, all of those self-loathing anons attacking her character: it’s simply too much for her. Read More