Love in the Time of Algorithms

What’s It Like to Have Your Love Life Rated on Lulu? We Talk To a #SexualPanther to Find Out

J.T. Makoviecki, a good sport. (Screengrab: Lulu)

Though we thought we’d reached Peak Lulu back in February, the app, which makes it easier than ever to trash the dudes you’ve dated and get off sc0t-free, is making the rounds again.

Ladies who download the app can connect through Facebook and anonymously rate their former boyfriends and booty calls in the areas of humor, appearance, manners, ambition and commitment. Users can also attach hashtag descriptions, including #Manchild, #SketchyCallLog and the tongue-in-cheek #Big.Feet. Read More

Facebook Faceoff

Consider Us #Blessed: Facebook Is Rolling Out Clickable Hashtags

Hashtags on Facebook.

Hashtag singularity is near: Facebook just added the feature to select users’ News Feeds in an effort to make the social network even more unbearable.

Upon clicking a hashtag, like “#blessed,” a pop up window displays statuses that are collected from Facebookers using the same hashtag. You know, exactly how it works on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram since Facebook is now playing catch up. Read More


Booting Up: Blame Intuit (in Part) for Your Complicated Tax Return


Part of the reason your tax return makes you want to cry is that Intuit, the maker of TurboTax, lobbied against a simpler option. [ProPublica]

Breaking: Hashtags are useless and, more importantly, ugly. [Nieman Journalism Lab]

Why would Marissa Mayer want Dailymotion? Because it would let Yahoo sell a hell of a lot more video ads. [Business Insider]

“App kid ridiculed: Silicon Valley disses teen’s Yahoo! deal” is a headline today. [New York Post]

Aaand tourists can no longer access mobile Internet in North Korea. That 3G lasted longer than we expected, to be honest. [Wired]

Visiting Dignitaries’s New Song Has a Hashtag In the Title, Naturally


Recording artist, as you may know, is something of a self-styled technologist. Besides holding down a sweet gig as Intel’s director of “creative innovation,” he pops up in pro-coding propaganda and once featured a Makerbot in one of his videos, because why not. Now he’s further demonstrating his devotion to technology in the title of his latest track: “#thatpower,” released todayRead More