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Rumor Roundup: An Ex-Tumblr Storyboarder Gets a Job and a Foursquare VP Gets Hitched

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Leaning Out of Tumblr Jessica Bennett, the Tumblr employee who was laid off with the shuttering of Storyboard, announced today on Twitter that she’s taken a job with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. “Turns out being fired ain’t that bad,” she tweeted, along with a link to a Facebook post by Ms. Sandberg herself announcing Ms. Bennett’s hiring:

“So excited to welcome Jessica Bennett to the Lean In team! Jessica is joining us to run Editorial – helping us connect women all over the world with their passion for leaning in! Special thanks to Nell Scovell and Rachel Sklar for introducing us to Jessica!”

How much leaning in was required to land that job? Read More

Alley vs. Valley

Engineers from Foursquare, OMGPOP and Facebook Make the Case for NYC as an Engineering Hotspot

TC Disrupt NYC 2012

After a Southern-inspired lunch of sloppy joes, potato salad and cornbread, the attendees of TechCrunch Disrupt NYC filtered into the auditorium of a spacious pier building on the West Side Highway for another set of panels. Jason Kincaid, formerly of TechCrunch, took the stage with Foursquare’s Harry Heymann, OMGPOP’s Jason Pearlman and Facebook’s Serkan Piantino to discuss whether or not the East Coast is indeed the “best coast” for engineering.

“It’s sort of a silly name,” opened Mr. Kincaid, playing politely to both sides. “I think both coasts are very nice.”

He then asked the panelists whether hiring engineers in New York is particularly hard due to the fact that many of them are drawn to the glitz and cashmoney of the finance sector. Read More

Location Based

Foursquare’s Chief Engineer @HarryH Tells All on the Internet

HarryH is his less hirsute days

If you want things done right, sometimes you have to do them yourself. Yes, Dennis Crowley, co-founder of Foursquare, and the public face of the company, wrote the original code that powered the service when it debuted at SXSW in March of 2009. But when Foursquare’s first hire, Harry Heymann, arrived at the company, he didn’t waste any time.

“I didn’t write the original version of the Foursquare code that went live with launch in March ’09. Dennis did that and it was in somewhat poorly written PHP (Dens will be the first to tell you that programming isn’t his strong suit),” Mr. Heymann wrote on Reddit’s IAmA this afternoon. “After Dennis and Naveen started the company in 2009 I was their first hire. I started by re-writing the entire server as fast as I could.” Read More