Survey Says

A Third of Americans Respond to Computer Problems With Yelling, Obscenities and Even Punches


For shame: A recent survey suggests that it’s actually quite common to respond to computer problems with vulgarities and even physical abuse.

Americans turning to violence and obscenities? Never.

Hot Hardware reports on the results of a Harris Interactive study commissioned by Crucial, which found that 36 percent of respondents who’ve recently dealt with Read More


And the Most Respected Corporation In America Is… Amazon?

MWAHAHA! (Photo:

It appears that people just really, really love deep discounts and free shipping. Wired reports that, according to a new Harris Interactive poll, Amazon is actually the number-one most respected company in America. Apple, Disney, Google (?!) and Johnson & Johnson made up the rest of the top five.

Amazon apparently “trounced” Disney in the category of emotional appeal, which makes us wonder whether everyone has just forgotten how much we all cried during the movie Dumbo.

Even the people who ran the poll sound astounded that Amazon took home the top prize:  Read More