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Startup Rundown: Shake App Makes Contracts On Your Phone And Wi-Fi Comes To NYC GroundLink Cars

Imagine all the fun of these contracts on your phone! (Photo: flickr user NobMouse)

Lawyer up on the go A new app from minds like BuzzFeed’s president Jon Steinberg and Spotify’s Jared Grusd lets you create, sign and send legal documents from your smartphone. Shake, released last week, includes template documents for independent contractors, personal loans, and NDAs. After you’ve chosen your document and answered a few quick questions, the contract can be signed on the spot or emailed. It’ll also be stored away in the cloud so you can get to it later. “Agreements don’t need to be long and complicated to be legally binding,” says Grusd. Yes, let’s leave lots of room in there, okay? Read More

Visiting Dignitaries

Remember Timbaland? Well, Now He’s an Angel Investor

Timbaland. (Photo: Twitter)

Remember that period in the late 2000s when it became virtually impossible to escape producer and Justin Timberlake bestie Timbaland? Well now he’s trying something new: angel investing. VentureBeat reports that he’s invested in a music software startup called Open Labs, which makes it easier to lay down a track or two.

Maybe he ran out of patience with JT’s years-long hiatuses to work on his acting career.  Read More