The War on Email

Inbox Heroes: How to Appreciate Email While Also Telling It to Fuck Off

Mr. Cieplak.

This is a guest post from Gordon Cieplak, Creative Director at 8tracks and the principal of Handsome Code. You can find him @gordoncc on Twitter and on Tumblr, his preferred methods of distraction.

Gordon Cieplak, web designer

Email is awesome. It is the foundation for all electronic communication. (You know, after things like math, transistors, TCP/IP, etc.) Basically, every ‘tech start-up’ in New York is an elaborate way to send an email that says ‘Hey, look at me!’ or ‘Hey, look at this stuff I like!’

That said, like anything awesome that man has invented (and I mean man, not woman, you raucous ‘change the ratio’ maniacs), it ends up becoming more of a chore than the incredible and liberating tool that it is.  But we (both men and women) only have ourselves to blame, the technology is not the culprit.

So, if you get lots of email and it’s a pain in the ass to deal with it and you feel like a ‘hero’ when you can manage, you are not an ‘inbox hero.’  You’re just a technologically confused asshole, like most of us. This column really should be called ‘inbox assholes,’ though that sounds like the name of a niche porn site.  But I digress. Read More