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Upsetting Ad Ratchets Up the Fight Against Backpage.com’s Adult Ads

Despite their signs, these people are not with Backpage. (Photo: Melissa Gira Grant)

Almost as soon as Craiglist threw up its hands and shut down its “adult services” section, attention shifted to Backpage.com, which is owned by Village Voice Media and often accused of hosting as much as 70 percent of the Internet’s sex ads.

Betabeat got an IRL look at the dispute just a couple of weeks ago by venturing forth to dueling protests at the Voice‘s Cooper Square HQ, where opponents emphasized sex trafficking and adult sex workers defended the site for offering them a way to operate in relative safety.

Well, the heat wave might’ve broken, but the fight isn’t going anywhere. The latest volley in the war: A simple-but-brutal video advertisement recounting (in first person, though by an actor) the experiences of a child sex trafficking survivor advertised on the site. And it’s pretty upsetting, even for hard-hearted bloggers like ourselves: Read More