Talent Crunch

HackStars—a Back Door for TechStars ‘Wantrepreneurs’


No one can say TechStars isn’t doing its part to close the geek gap. In a nod to the considerable odds stacked up against applicants for the TechStars startup accelerator program (New York City contenders, for example,  have been narrowed down from 1,000 to 30—and that’s before the next round of cuts), TechStars is expanding an ancillary program for those who didn’t make the grade. HackStars, which is already in place in New York and Boulder, has just launched at the TechStars  Seattle outpost. HackStars developers and designers get the same stipend ($6,000) given to TechStars co-founders. But rather than work on their own startups, they “hack” into the TechStars roster–helping code other people’s projects with the possibility of a job.

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