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College Students Use Fake GPS Signals to Commandeer $80M Yacht

(Photo: screenshot)

While other college students conquered the kegstand and crossed “motorboating” off their To Do lists last June, a handful of University of Texas students were acting out their inner pirate. The Houston Chronicle reports that students from the school of engineering worked with their professor to develop a device that approximates the spoofing fad of the early aughts, remotely taking control of a luxury yacht sailing the Mediterranean.

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Journalism Is Dead, Long Live Journalism: Anonymous’ News Site Launching Soon

(Photo: Twitter)

Back in April, the hacktivist collective Anonymous raised almost $55,000 to go towards building a news site that could extend its coverage of current events and breaking news beyond its popular Twitter account, which is followed by over a million people. Yesterday, more info about just what the site will encompass was released on–of course–Pastebin. Read More

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NYPD Cop Accused of Hacking Many, Many of His Colleagues’ Emails

Awkward! (Photo: Flickr, Rev Stan)

Well, here’s some not-particularly-reassuring news about one of New York’s finest: An NYPD detective named Edwin Vargas has been arrested for “computer hacking crimes.”

The feds say Mr. Vargas shelled out $4,000 to an email hacking service to get log-in credentials for at least 43 email accounts belonging to at least 30 different people (21 of them affiliated with the NYPD). He’s also alleged to have accessed the National Crime Information Center database. Read More

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Hacker Guccifer Targets Silicon Valley, Starting With the AOL Account of Kleiner Perkins’ John Doerr

(Photo: KPCB)

Mystery hacker Guccifer has been terrorizing America’s political elite by hacking into their email accounts and proving that even former presidents aren’t really that great at their newfound painting hobby. Now, The Smoking Gun reports that Guccifer has begun targeting Silicon Valley. Ugh, guess that means tech really is cool now. Read More


Booting Up: Maybe You’d Be More Qualified If You Were a College Dropout

(Photo: flickr.com/kla4067)

In a talk at DLD, Ben Horowitz revealed that his VC firm had closed (non-seed) investments in a mere 24 companies, most of them created by “college dropouts with insane ideas going after tiny markets with no way to monetize.” [TechCrunch]

France is considering creating an Internet tax, levied on the collection of personal information. As far as French ideas go, we prefer the croissant. [New York Times]

Speaking of Waterloo: Atari’s U.S. arm has declared bankruptcy in an attempt to escape its French parent company. The second plank of this plan is presumably to time-travel back to the late 70s. [L.A. Times]

Some poor kid’s been expelled from Montreal College for daring to discover a software vulnerability that left 250,000 students’ information exposed. [National Post]

Graph search is a “privacy test” for Facebook. Given that users of the site freak out at phantom privacy crises, this’ll be fun. [New York Times]

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The ‘Hollywood Hacker’ Who Leaked ScarJo Nudes Is Going Away for 10 Years

It was probably a bad idea to mess with this woman, honestly.

The AP reports that the so-called “Hollywood hacker,” a creeper convicted of cracking the email accounts of starlets like Scarlet Johansson and Mila Kunis, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison. Mr. Chaney pled guilty to several charges, including wiretapping.

Just goes to show that crime doesn’t pay–especially when you splash your wrongdoing all over the celebugossip blogs. Read More