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Snapchat CEO Thought It Had ‘Done Enough’ To Protect Against Hack, Won’t Apologize

Mr. Spiegel, probably complaining about something. (Getty)

Following a massive security breach that exposed the private information of millions of Snapchat users, CEO Evan Spiegel finally spoke out publicly on NBC’s Today this morning.

In the “exclusive interview,” conducted by star tech reporter Carson Daly, Mr. Spiegel said that despite prior warnings from a security company that its users’ information was vulnerable to a hack, he believed the company did enough to protect it users. Apparently “enough” has a fuzzy definition since hackers were able to expose the usernames and phone numbers using the app’s “Find Friends” feature on New Year’s Eve.  Read More


Cops Make Arrest in Miss Teen USA Sicko Webcam Extortion Case


The FBI has made an arrest in connection with the case of a hacker who allegedly weaseled his way into the webcams of teenagers and women on several continents and forced them to strip for him, extorting them with the threat of leaking nude pictures he’d taken while they weren’t suspecting, the New York Post reports.

One of the victims was Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf, 19. From the Post: Read More

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Kate Gosselin Sues Her Ed Hardy Mannequin of an Ex for Alleged Hacking

Hacker? (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Wet Republic)

Because the last few years haven’t been sordid enough, the Gosselins are back in the news. And this time, they’re throwing around accusations of computer crime.

ABC News reports that Ms. Gosselin has filed suit against Jon, saying he “illegally hacked into her email account, phone  and bank accounts, and ‘stole a hard drive’ from her house.” Allegedly he then handed the contents over to a friend writing a tell-all titled, Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World. (Too bad all we really want to hear about now is Kris Jenner.) Read More

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Startup Rundown: 10gen Clears Up The Confusion and Refinery29 Clears Out The Competition

(Photo: YouTube)

Zoom in on PhotoShelter Interested in taking your prolific Instagram food photography talents to the next level? Check out PhotoShelter, the startup that lets photographers customize their own websites, market themselves online and sell their work—among other helpful tools—all in one place. Clicking through PhotoShelter’s site, we must admit these examples of online photography portfolios look pretty darn sexy. The company reported a profit only 18 months from launching, so they must be doing something right. Read More

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College Students Use Fake GPS Signals to Commandeer $80M Yacht

(Photo: screenshot)

While other college students conquered the kegstand and crossed “motorboating” off their To Do lists last June, a handful of University of Texas students were acting out their inner pirate. The Houston Chronicle reports that students from the school of engineering worked with their professor to develop a device that approximates the spoofing fad of the early aughts, remotely taking control of a luxury yacht sailing the Mediterranean.

Read More

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Journalism Is Dead, Long Live Journalism: Anonymous’ News Site Launching Soon

(Photo: Twitter)

Back in April, the hacktivist collective Anonymous raised almost $55,000 to go towards building a news site that could extend its coverage of current events and breaking news beyond its popular Twitter account, which is followed by over a million people. Yesterday, more info about just what the site will encompass was released on–of course–Pastebin. Read More

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NYPD Cop Accused of Hacking Many, Many of His Colleagues’ Emails

Awkward! (Photo: Flickr, Rev Stan)

Well, here’s some not-particularly-reassuring news about one of New York’s finest: An NYPD detective named Edwin Vargas has been arrested for “computer hacking crimes.”

The feds say Mr. Vargas shelled out $4,000 to an email hacking service to get log-in credentials for at least 43 email accounts belonging to at least 30 different people (21 of them affiliated with the NYPD). He’s also alleged to have accessed the National Crime Information Center database. Read More