Anonymous Plots Vengeance On Terrorists After Charlie Hebdo Massacre

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While the media decides whether they are or are not Charlie Hebdo, hactivist group Anonymous is getting started with their own plans for the extremists who attacked the Paris weekly.

A YouTube video, uploaded by a Belgian arm of Anonymous and spoken entirely in French, claims that the group will begin shutting down social media accounts and websites of extremists who in line with this week’s massacre of at the Charlie Hebdo offices. Read More

Meanwhile in Canada

Polite Canadian 14-Year-Olds Hack ATM, Steal No Money

Does Bank of Montreal need to rethink its ATM security measures? (Wikimedia Commons)

We Canadians might not all live in igloos and wear beaver pelts, but some of us are really as ridiculously polite as the rumors say.

A pair of 14-year-old boys from Winnipeg managed to hack a Bank of Montreal ATM on their school lunch break, the Winnipeg Sun reports. But once they broke into the system, instead of pocketing heaps of cash, they politely informed the bank about the ATM’s vulnerability. Read More

When Hackers Attack

Hacker Who Liberated George W. Bush’s Shower Portraits Jailed

The former president not in the shower (Getty).

It’s a sad, sad day in legal news.

The Romanian cab driver who rose to fame after hacking George W. Bush’s AOL e-mail account and posting his bathroom self-portraits online has been sentenced to four years in prison, The Verge reported.

Marcel Lazar Lehel, 42, used the alias “Guccifer” to hack into the accounts of the former president and several of his family members in 2013, according to the Guardian.

He uncovered top secret info — home addresses, phone numbers and email addresses belonging to both former U.S. presidents and dozens of their relatives — but the bathroom nudies are obviously what went viral. Read More


Visitors to Sochi Olympics Will Be Instantly Hacked

Richard Engel watches as his phone gets totally owned. (YouTube)

Proving yet again what a fabulous idea it was to stage the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia, NBC has discovered that all the Games’ attendees can expect to immediately get hacked as soon as they get to Sochi.

“The State Department warned that travelers should have no expectation of privacy, even in their hotel rooms,” NBC’s Richard Engel said in a report on Brian Williams’s show last night. “And as we found out, you are especially exposed as soon as you try to communicate with anything.” Read More