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NYC Resistor Elevates the Pumpkin Carving Game

sherlock pumpkin

Every year, NYC Resistor’s hack-happy crew gets together to carve pumpkins with a few extra tools, usually including LEDs and motion sensors. This year, a small but dedicated group of members of the Brooklyn hackerspace came out on Sunday afternoon to roast pumpkin seeds, take apart some LED fake candles, and carve the shit out Read More


The USB Typewriter Will Make You The Most Annoying Writer at the Coffee Shop [Video]

Really pretty awesome. (Jack Zylkin/Etsy)

We’re joking, of course, because the truth is engineer Jack Zylkin has done something very cool in marrying old tech with new in his USB Typewriter. Mr. Zylkin, 25, happened to find an old typewriter on the curb and couldn’t resist messing with it. He took it to his Philadelphia hackerspace, Hive76, and got to work.

The end result is, as Mr. Zylkin says in an Etsy’s blog post about his creation, “a groundbreaking advancement in the field of obsolescence,” and to anyone who ever used a typewriter, oddly heartwarming and nostalgic: Read More