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Last Night at New York Tech Meetup: How Can We Get Our Hands on Your LittleBits?


In the end, all anyone wanted to talk about was the legos. After 10 startups had demonstrated their projects at last night’s New York Tech Meetup, and after a bit of grumbling that the price of admission no longer included a free drink at the after party, meeting-goers and presenters alike turned their attention to the product that had lit up the evening. Literally.

“I call them legos on steroids,” said Adrian Sanders, who’d demonstrated his iPhone storytelling app, earlier in the evening. Read More

The Third Degree

Q&A With Brandon Diamond on His Plans for the New York Tech Meetup Board

Mr. Diamond at NYTM.

Brandon Diamond is a New York Tech Meetup superuser as well as the proprietor of the blog Your Startup Sucks and an engineer at one of New York tech’s most hardcore techie companies, 10gen. The hacker has been volunteering for NYTM for two years. Last year, he ran for one of the board’s four open seats and lost; but this year he won by a landslide (just 126 votes, as the election had just a 3.68 percent participation rate, but it was more than double the second-place candidate). It’s unclear what kind of influence the community board members wield, as the meetup just incorporated as a nonprofit last year and the organization is undergoing a lot of change. Betabeat caught up with Mr. Diamond by email to ask about his hopes for the future of the mothership of all tech meetups. Read More