The Start-Up Rundown

Start-Up News: Stack Overflow Backlash, XYDO Launch, and Hackers Finally Have Proper Party


What happened/is happening this week in New York tech?

COME ONE, COME ALL TO THE HACKER TOWN HALL. Want to hang with hackers outside of a grueling 48-hour hackathon? “We’re trying to do something special with the Hacker Townhall,” organizer Brandon Diamond said in an email blast asking hackers to spread the word. “We want to help hackers get to know the activities and groups available within the city (and to get to know one another, too). Think “activity fair” meets “cocktail party” meets “free beer and pizza.” See?” You can next Thursday at General Assembly. Dress code? “Tremendously casual.” Also, be a hacker or GTFO.  Read More