Down in the Valley

The Valley’s Vicious Cycle: Raise, Get Acquired, Repeat

Mr. Basch (Photo: LinkedIn)

If anyone is familiar with the Valley’s success method du jour, it’s Diego Basch. Mr. Basch founded IndexTank, a hosted search tool that was acquired by LinkedIn in 2009. Today, he hit the front page of Hacker News with a post about how to exploit Silicon Valley “for profit (and maybe fun).”

Mr. Basch’s parable is a familiar one: An average Joe goes to Silicon Valley, raises money even though he doesn’t really agree with the VC’s philosophies, builds a company with the express intent of getting acquired by a larger company, sells the company and makes bank. Only then does he finally have enough money of his own to build something he actually cares about. Read More

Code or Be Coded

‘Do Not Learn to Code,’ Declares Professional Coder

Mr. Atwood, probably yelling at you for wanting to learn a new hobby. (

The “learn to code” meme probably reached its pinnacle around the time Mayor Bloomberg announced his dedication to the initiative, but it has now begun the inevitable slide into backlash territory. Who would have thought that a fluffy gesture of commitment to a burgeoning New York industry would tip over into controversy? This is why we can’t have nice things, Internet.

In a post published today on his popular blog Coding Horror, Stack Exchange founder Jeff Atwood publicly decried programming newbies’ hilarious attempts to learn the art of code. As if you pathetic wannabes could ever know as much as he does about coding. Read More

Alley vs. Valley

Engineer Chooses Alley Over Valley Because NYC Has More Ladies

Mr. Miller, pimp.

The “I’m moving to New York” letter has become quite a genre as of late, and recent UT-Austin graduate Mike Miller decided to hop on the bandwagon with a post outlining the reasons he’s packing up for the Alley instead of the Valley post-college. Sure, there’s more diversity and less of a commute, but you know what Mr. Miller is really looking forward to in New York? Meeting all you single ladies! Read More

Let's Talk Trolls

The Trolls Come Out For 10Gen

(Illustration by David Saracino / New York Observer.)

Don’t play with matches in a dry wooded area. Don’t put a detailed rant on Hacker News unless you’re prepared to start a fire.

An anonymous pastebin post from this weekend slammed the MongoDB database architecture and in particular the support from 10Gen, the AlleyCorp company with deep ties to MongoDB. It quickly raced to the top of Hacker News and from there around the developer community.

The screed got a ton of attention, to the point where 10Gen CTO Eliot Horowitz jumped into the comments on Hacker News and addressed the complaints point by point. Mr. Horowitz conceded that a lot of the issues where known complaints about MongoDB, but also highlighted the fact that many details from the post didn’t match up to any of what 10Gen offered or any of their customer records.

In fact, deep in the comments on the Hacker News post, the “originator” of the pastebin post appeared to claim he was just a troll testing the masses to see who were sheep. Read More

Official Pardons

Paul Graham Publicly Releases Nodejitsu From Hacker News Jail


Notorious Nodejitsu just got a big fat “get out of jail free” card from Paul Graham. The New York-based startup has been persona non grata on the influential geek forum Hacker News since . . . well, we first heard about the drama, oh, back in December?

Mr. Graham, who runs Y Combinator and Hacker News, says Nodejitsu was banned for spamming; Nodejitsu’s founders suspected it was because they compete with Y Combinator alum Heroku. But as of Sunday night, Nodejitsu’s back in the game. Read More

shameless rumormongering

Rumors & Acquisitions: Hacker News Allegations, a Fast-Follow Start-Up, and Leave Groupon Alone!


FLACKER NEWS. A week ago, someone uploaded this incendiary! infographic! to Pastebin and Imagur: “Hacker News and Y Combinator exposed as scam!” Betabeat does not know the origin of the image; we were sent the link today by a tipster. “In twelve months of observation (since before and after the recent re-factors), we have determined beyond a reasonable doubt that “Hacker News” uses the following techniques,” it says.  Read More