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Muslim Cyber Fighters Attack Chase Bank in ‘Operation Ababil’

Muslim cleric Izz ad-Din al-Qassam (Wikimedia)

The Cyber fighters of Izz ad-din Al qassam, a group of cyber-attackers who have targeted Bank of America and the New York Stock Exchange, allegedly struck J.P. Morgan Chase today. Fox Business reported on the site outage at Chase.com and consulted with Flashpoint Partners about the problems. Flashpoint told Fox that Chase’s problems were probably due to a “sustained denial of service attack.”

The religiously-motivated hackers, who claim they are responding to the anti-Muslim video, Innocence of Muslims, have published a new Pastebin page claiming credit for the Chase attack: Read More

Hack Hack Hack Hack It Apart

AngelHack Expands Its Reach to New York with Upcoming Hackathon

Chillin' at AngelHack's spring hackathon. (Photo: flickr.com/angelhack2012

The latest entrant to New York’s burgeoning roster of hackathons: AngelHack, which starts June 23. And the organizers have already wrangled quite a lineup of locals. Alex Taub and Michael Schonfeld from Dwolla will be running the event, with an assist from Erin Tao (Photo Hack Day), Frank Denbow (of Startup Weekend), and Angelhack’s own Nick Frost. Rachel Sklar will MC. Judges include Lerer Ventures principal Steve Schlafman; NYC Seed director Owen Davis; and Thrive Capital investor Chris Paik.* Hackathon HQ will be Microsoft’s midtown outpost.

As for the attendees, they’ve sold around 480 tickets, and, with some attrition expected, that puts the expected number of attendees around 300. “Our tickets aren’t free, either — we do have some free tickets, but the majority of those are paid. So we’re pretty excited to see the turnout and what we can do in that space,” Mr. Gopman said. Read More