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Google Investor Offers Cash Prize For ‘The iPhone of Guns’

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With legislators debating the pros and cons of high-tech handguns, Silicon Valley tech types are salivating over the potential to disrupt the multi-billion-dollar American gun market.

“We need the iPhone of guns,” Ron Conway, an early investor in Google and Facebook, told the Post. “The entrepreneur who does this right could be the Mark Zuckerberg of guns. Then the venture capitalists like me will dive in, give them capital, and we will build a multibillion-dollar gun company that makes safe, smart guns.” Read More

Internet Democracy

President Obama Responds to Petitions Against Gun Violence in New Video

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In the wake of the tragic mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, social networks lit up with cries for gun control. Hundreds of thousands of people descended on We the People, the White House’s official petition portal, to ask the President to take meaningful action to help stop gun violence. Today, President Obama released a video recorded especially for those who signed these petitions. Read More

Internet Democracy

WhiteHouse.Gov Petition for Gun Control Bill Racks Up Signatures to Become Most Popular Ever

President Barack Obama does not want Wikipedia to shut down again. (Photo: Wikimedia)

Largely associated with Internet pranks and dubious ideas, the petition platform at has been put to more serious use in the wake of last week’s tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut. By Friday afternoon, someone had posted a call for the president to “immediately address the issue of gun control” by introducing a bill to Congress.

The response was immediate: Mashable reports that within 48 hours, it was the most popular thing ever posted to the site. Read More

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Cries for Gun Control Resound Across Social Media Following Mass Shooting at Connecticut Elementary School

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Following the devastating news that 27 people, including 20 children, had been killed in a mass shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, many immediately took to their Facebook and Twitter pages to lament what they see as the U.S.’s frightening lack of gun control. In New York, #guncontrol trended on Twitter throughout the afternoon, with everyone from casual observers to celebrities to pundits weighing in on how stricter gun laws could have stymied the actions of the gunman at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Read More