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Gay Facebook, Gay Yelp, Gay Foursquare, Gay Groupon: The Many Phases of

Never say die

The biggest come-from-behind startup story this year has to be Fab, which tried out a bunch of different services focused on the gay market before landing lightning in a bottle with a design focused flash sales site. The company just sent along a hilarious slide presentation summing up their year and revealing some new numbers on their rapid growth.

The way Fab CEO Jason Goldberg sees it, the company began as a sort of “gay Yelp.” When that didn’t work they tried to become a “gay Groupon.” Apparently somewhere along the way they also contemplated “gay Facebook” and “gay Foursquare,” as detailed in this handy chart. Read More


Stack Exchange Growing 40 Percent a Month, Gaming Vertical Up 250 Percent

stack exchange growth

Betabeat stopped by Stack Exchange the other day to interview the CHAOS team. We snapped some pictures of the big monitor array they have set up, including some eye popping stats on the way traffic is growing. But we didn’t want to make those public just yet, since we were invited in to visit to report another story.

But today Stack Exchange COO did an interview with founder Joel Spolsky about the big board and tipped their hat about some of these numbers. Over the last 30 days Stack Exchange has grown 40 percent, hitting more than 17 million page views on 6.3 million unique visitors. led the way, with 245 percent growth in the last month.  Read More

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As Hulu and Netflix Surge, So Do Set Top Players Like Boxee

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Yesterday Betabeat ran down some of the growth stats being shared by Hulu CEO Jason Kilar. This morning we woke up to find Netflix has snagged exclusive rights to stream seven seasons of Mad Men at a reported $1 million dollars per episode.

The boom in these streaming video services is paying off for the hardware players who make the set top boxes that bring Hulu and Netflix to people’s TVs. Read More