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Weird guys spying on women through their webcams sounds like something your dad made up in high school to keep you from getting a MacBook. Actually, it’s very real–and very creepy. [Ars Technica]

Some awww for your Monday morning: a dad hacked Donkey Kong so that his daughter could play as Paulina and rescue Mario. Who run the world? [Reddit]

“In fact, ‘innovation’ is something of a magic word around here, shape-shifting to fit the speaker’s immediate needs.” Finally someone fucking said it. [San Francisco Chronicle]

If you can’t catch a cab at SXSW, employees of ride-sharing service Lyft will give you a piggy back ride. Gimmicky! [AllThingsD]

Hookup app Grindr is responsible for revolutionizing the way we connect with each other? Sure why not. [New York Times]

Grind It

The Grindr for Jews as Reviewed by Its Target Demographic

A gallery of potential "Jewboos"

The guilt that a Jewish mother imposes on her own children can knot up your stomach worse than fasting on Yom Kippur. And nothing brings out that motherly nag like the institution of marriage, specifically their matronly desire for Jew on Jew marriage–the holiest of holies.

Luckily there’s now Yenta, a location based dating app for young Jewish singles, straight or gay. Upon starting up it tells you to “find your Jewboo.” It’s like Jdate on wheels, or Grindr in synagogue. Tara Palmeri from The New York Post put the app to the test on Thursday. However, as a gay Jew with an iPhone, who’s ready to meet the culturally Jewish husband of his mother’s dreams, we feel better qualified to assess the neuroses that happen when two Jews connect. The app doesn’t expressly promise that it will get you hitched, but we’ve decided to include that as a factor since it’s the endgame for all Jewish singles–or so their yentas hope. Read More

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myTreat App Lets You Find The Nearest Sugar Daddy

This is a mock-up the company made for us based on previous tweets. Nitasha will not actually buy you goat curry, unless you ask nicely.

Everyone enjoys getting a special unexpected treat every so often. For some it’s just a small red velvet cupcake after work, but for others it’s getting your entire college tuition taken care of by a stranger. Luckily, there is now myTreat, a location-based iPhone app that lets people consensually take advantage of one another for smaller ticket items.

The app launches today and was created by Ben Tao and Eric Lai, the team behind Offbeatr, the “Kickstarter for porn.” Although there is a risque element to this new app, the creators stress that this is a new project that doesn’t involve any adult content. Read More

XXX in Tech

Badoo CEO Swears His Social Network Isn’t Just for Boning

"Push" his "buttons." (Photo: Badoo)

Badoo–which you might recognize from the aggressive New York ad campaign–is a “social meeting site” with 150 million-plus members. It’s intimately tied up with mobile: You log on and immediately see a list of people in the area you might want to meet, many of them young and relatively attractive. According to VentureBeat, the social network’s sweet spot is single users 24 to 28, especially in France, Spain and Latin America.

Now, what’s the first use case that comes to mind? If you said anything other than hookups, your pants are on fire.

However, founder Andrey Andreev will not have you reducing his service down to the smoosh:  Read More

Meet the Meatspace

Grindr Finally Reveals “Project Amicus”! Its a Grindr for Straights. Called Blendr!


The MoLoSo (mobile local social) space is really heating up. OkCupid recently launched a mobile app to help horny folks find a little local love that they swear is the “anti-Grindr”. Betabeat already told you about Bromance, the location based network for “dudes that do”. But who better to do the anti- Grindr than the OG of spontaneous celly sex, Grindr! Read More

Makeouts To Go

In Which Sam Yagan Tries to Convince Us OkCupid’s New Local Dating App Is the Anti-Grindr


When OkCupid co-founder Sam Yagan announced yesterday that the company’s mobile app would now let users connect with members “near you, right now, on the fly,” he did so with no small measure of chutzpah. Along with revealing a “Twitter-like” broadcast feature to plan your night and an integration with Foursquare’s venue database, the headline for the press release came out swinging at the competition: “OkCupid Goes Local with Mobile Dating that People Will Actually Use.” Zing!

Betabeat got Mr. Yagan on the phone to find out what exactly he meant by that, what makes OkCupid Locals any different, a time before smartphones (yes, Virginia, it did exist), and why we may soon see the resurrection of  CrazyBlindDate, a dating service before its time. Read More