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John McAfee’s Latest, Greatest Disguise Involves Tampons Up His Nose

This guy, but with shoe polish on his face. (Photo: Long Island Press)

Just when you thought the story of antivirus king John McAfee–who’s wanted for questioning by Belizean police for the murder of his neighbor Gregory Faull–couldn’t get any stranger, dude goes and starts a blog about how he’s managed to evade police by posing as a dolphin carving peddler who sticks tampons up his nose.

In a blog called Who is McAfee?, which suspiciously resembles a marketing ploy for the upcoming graphic novel about his life The Hinterland, Mr. McAfee spares no details in describing exactly what it’s like to be on the run from authorities in Central America. Read More

Law and Order

Murder Suspect John McAfee on His New Disguise: ‘I’ll Probably Look Like a Murderer, Unfortunately’

This guy, but with black hair. (Photo: Long Island Press)

Antivirus software creator and bath salts enthusiast John McAfee is on the lam in Central America. He’s wanted by the Belizean police in connection to the murder of his neighbor Gregory Faull, and now he’s in disguise. Well, kind of.

Wired reporter Joshua Davis has been tweeting live dispatches from Mr. McAfee, who has been updating him almost hourly on his current status. “McAfee on phone just now: I have radically altered my appearance,” Mr. David tweeted yesterday. But according to the accompanying Wired blog post, Mr. McAfee’s “radical” plan amounts to a box of hair dye. His beard, hair and eyebrows are now “jet black.” Read More

Law and Order

Murder Suspect and Bath Salts Enthusiast John McAfee Claims He’s Innocent

Alive. (Photo: PC Mag)

John McAfee, creator of the anti-virus software your parents run on their desktop computer, is wanted by Belizean police for the alleged murder of his neighbor, fellow American expat Gregory Faull. Now he’s on the lam, hiding from law enforcement who he claims will kill him if he’s brought in for questioning. Perhaps his paranoia can be chalked up to his documented penchant for bath salts and other psychoactive drugs? Read More