‘Vaporware Is the New Minimal Viable Product,’ Declares Hype Up Weekend


“At some point, the hackathon bubble has got to pop.” That’s what Betabeat wrote 11 months ago in a story we called “Welcome to Hackathon Central!” about the astonishing abundance of these developer sleepovers, which now occur on a bus, on an island, with massages (all real examples!) and in increasingly shorter periods.

We don’t know about other “startup hubs,” but New York City is bonkers about hackathons. They’re social. They’re a great place for recruiters to meet developers. It’s a way to promote your brand new API. It’s a great place to slap your corporate brand and attempt to appropriate a cool DIY thing. Etc. There’s at least one every weekend.

We figured at some point, the people who attend these events would start to feel burned out.

Were we wrong? Is the hackathon bubble indestructible? A pair of Internet snarksters have launched an Eventbrite page announcing a new flavor of hackathon: the kind without a product.  Read More