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Grand Central Apple Store is Grand


Apple employees in red t-shirts greeted Betabeat as we wandered around the open air Apple store that recently appeared on Grand Central Terminal’s East Balcony. “Hi! How are you? Hi! Can I help you?” We were there for the press sneak preview, along with dozens of other media from Gothamist to CNBC, the cameraman for which was so excited he dropped his microphone. Although the store opens Friday at 10 a.m., press were allowed to buy things. Judging by the number of iPhones out, we bet someone did, especially with all those helpful holiday Apple elves, who looked especially Christmas-y in the golden light of Grand Central. Read More

The Tao of Steve

MTA to Says ‘Bring It On’ to Investigation Over Sweetheart Deal for Apple in Grand Central


The MTA is not afraid of New York State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli. The Comptroller announced yesterday that he would be investigating whether the MTA gave Apple too sweet a deal on its Grand Central lease. For its response, the MTA dug deep in the turn-of-the-century sports comedy cannon:

“With regard to any calls for an investigation into the lease, our comment is this: ‘Bring it on,'” the agency told MacRumorsRead More

The Tao of Steve

M.T.A. Failed to Get Market Rate OR Profit Sharing in Sweetheart Deal for Grand Central Store

MTA wants to send Apple Valentines

The New York Post just outed the M.T.A.’s secret Valentine: Apple. As the paper reports, the M.T.A. seems to have handed Apple prime square footage in Grand Central with precious few stipulations, despite the retail location’s expected windfall of $100 million a year in sales.

Not only did the M.T.A. give Apple the bargain basement price of $60-per-sq-ft. (Shake Shack, by contrast is paying $200-per-sq-ft.), but the M.T.A. also failed to negotiate a percentage of sales, leaving real estate insiders scratching their heads. Read More

The Tao of Steve

World’s Biggest Apple Store in Grand Central Slated for a Big Announcement on Tuesday

A work in progress as of Friday (via TechFoote)

It’s hard to keep the development of the world’s largest Apple store under wraps when it’s happening in a building with 750,000 daily visitors. But the company is trying.

On Friday, 9to5Mac reports that dozens of construction workers and corporate reps were on hand prepare for an announcement expected tomorrow. Surprise! You know that Apple Store that’s been religiously photographed and filmed for months? It exists!

Tomorrow’s presentation is likely to make public the news of a grand (pun intentional) opening on Black Friday or later Thanksgiving weekend.

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