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Here Come Those Cloud Jobs! GramercyOne Expands

The Wolke 7 Cloud 9, a cloud computing-inspired spa concept. (

Yesterday we told you about how the nebulous (or is it cumulus?) cloud computing sector is bringing 60,000 new jobs to New York City, according to one study. Between its nominal shoutout to the neighborhood above the East Village, and its signature service Booker, which started out as SpaBookerGramercyOne truly reps its hometown. The cloud-based startup recently announced a $15 million funding round led by Steve Case’s Revolution Ventures and is hiring for a dozen positions right now, with plans to add another dozen before the end of the year.

This gives us an opportunity to examine exactly what a cloud-based job looks like. GramercyOne makes Booker, a tool for merchants that is used for booking appointments, hotel rooms, whatever, and counts multi-national enterprises like Hilton Worldwide as users as well as boutique spas, fitness centers, salons, medical practices, and other local service businesses. Read More

Startup News: Skillshare Creep! Forrst Recruiting! And Happy Birthday Wanderfly


SKILLSHARE EVERYWHERE. Skillshare had two big announcements yesterday: 1) the democratized education platform is available in “every major city” in the U.S. now, and 2) CEO Mike Karnjanaprakhorn has been named one of 12 TED fellows in 2012.

FORRST RANGERS. The developer community Forrst has started posting jobs. Bring it on, Stack Overflow.

SAVE AMIT. The campaign for Amit Gupta continues! Upcoming: bone marrow drive in Delhi and swabbing party in Somerville and much, much more.

DREAM TEAM. New Work City is joining forces with the hackers of NYC Resistor to cross-promote events. Synergy!

XX INNOVATION LUNCH. “I’m super psyched for my lunch this Friday,” Charlie O’Donnell wrote in his newsletter this week.  “Marissa Campise from Venrock and Sarah Tavel from Bessemer are co-hosting a lunch with me for up and coming women entrepreneurs to get a chance to meet venture investors.” Read More