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DANCE BATTLE: Fred Wilson v. Dennis Crowley GraFight For Raise Cache [Video]


We knew our Google Alert for Fred Wilson would eventually pay off with video goodies!

Betabeat just came across this oddly addictive super short film to promote Raise Cache and it has native New York cred in spades. 

As we mentioned back in October, Raise Cache is an upcoming party to raise funds for hackNY. Organizer and former TechStars’s HackStar Rebecca Zhou promised Moot as model in the party’s fashion show and spinning via

But beyond the illustrated presence of @Dens and Mr. Wilson, New York startups were also involved in the making of the video: Everything Butt Art made the avatars and GraFighters, which is backed Union Square Ventures, designed the battle.

Please enjoy responsibly and good luck getting this song out of your head!: Read More