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Gov 2.0 FAIL: El Bloombito Thinks New York City’s 311 App Really Bites

The Mayor's Instagram account is working just fine.

While the outside world piles accolades on New York City  for tech-forward initiatives like the applied sciences campus, hackathons, and open data efforts, residents who’ve tried to digitally interact with city government know there’s still a ways to go.

That’s partly why the city’s 311 app is so vital–imagine reporting that pothole or broken traffic light when you see it. Sadly, that has not been the case. The city’s social media presence may have gotten a sprucing up, but reviews of the app like “Greatest city in the World with a govt that uses 1980s technology,” are not uncommon.

Although it was first released back in 2009, the app’s general ineffectiveness finally came to Mayor Bloomberg’s attention earlier this year when he tried and failed to complain about a dirty, vacant lot. Read More