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Before You Insert That GIF, Stop And Ask Yourself: Is This Going to Make Me Look Like an Asshole?


GIFs are a wonderful technology. What could be more delightful than the well-timed insertion of the perfect Real Housewives of Atlanta GIF to punctuate your point?

Unfortunately, as with so many lovely things, these wee moving pictures have become rather overexposed. In fact, it’s gotten so bad that the nation’s elected officials apparently now think they’re a great tool for swaying public opinion. Hence this completely asinine piece of advocacy, straight from the official website of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce: “The Roller Coaster of Emotions on the Path to Build the Keystone XL Pipeline.” Read More

Twitter Politics

Who Is Buying Mitt Romney’s Twitter Robot Army?

Mitt Romney (Getty Images)

Sometime around July 21, Mitt Romney’s Twitter account saw a bizarre spike in follower numbers, to the tune of 150,000 or so new accounts in about 48 hours. The presidential candidate’s opponents might be quick to blame Mr. Romney or his campaign, but Mr. Romney’s digital director already told Buzzfeed the campaign had nothing to do with it. Either way, someone clearly fluffed the former Massachusetts governor’s follower count with fakes and The Atlantic crunched the numbers to prove it. The post by Alexander Furnas and Devin Gaffney is densely detailed: Read More