Rise of the Machines

Someone Call Sarah Connor, Google’s Brain Machine Learned to Recognize Cats

(Photo: ihasaflavor.com)

No big deal or anything. Don’t be alarmed. But Google’s secretive computer network simulating the human brain has learned to recognize cats. On its own. With no hints from its mortal creators. AH-HA! So this is how Skynet will begin.

The project, of course, comes out of Google’s clandestine X Labs, the same futuristic outfit responsible for augmented reality on your face and cars that drive themselves. Geeze, they just can’t make humans obsolete fast enough, can they? Read More

Planet Google

Google’s Covert Google X Labs Is Overrun with Robots, Has Designs On Your Future

Tony Stark would approve.

If you’ve never heard of Google X, a secret lair hidden away in some undisclosed Bay Area location, you’re in good company. Many Google employees haven’t either.

The future-facing lab makes Google’s 80/20 model for fostering innovation sound like child’s play. Rather than devoting part of the week to somewhat far-fetched ideas, the New York Times reports, Google X is “tackling a list of 100 shoot-for-the-stars ideas.”

That “stars” part is somewhat literal. One of the projects its developing is a space elevator, “a longtime fantasy of Google’s founders and other Silicon Valley entrepreneurs” that images space travel along a cable tied to Earth. Read More