Ride the Wave

Team of Devs So Crushed by Google Wave’s Shuttering That They Built Their Own Version

The Rizzoma team. (Photo: Rizzoma)

Remember Google Wave, the collaborative workspace tool pushed by Google a few years back that (like most of the search behemoth’s social products) never really got traction? By the last death knell of Wave, Google was so over it that the email they sent out announcing that it would be shut down even misspelled the name of the product as “Google Wage.” Yikes.

Despite Wave’s lack of appeal as a commercial product, it did have some enthusiastic fans. It was one of those things where you either detested it or wouldn’t shut up about it. Admittedly, this reporter forced her entire blog staff in college to employ Wave as a productivity tool, much to the chagrin of the majority of staffers who oddly preferred frenzied Gchat messages and group emails. But it seems like we aren’t alone in our passion for Wave–in fact, our love for the product is small potatoes compared to the team at Rizzoma, who were literally so depressed by Wave’s closure that they moved to the Ukraine for two months to build an alternative. Read More

The End

R.I.P., Google Wave

What Google products are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? We hope you didn’t say Google Wave, because we just got the death email from base camp Googleplex. Wave’s demise now has a date. Assuming the world survives the new year, all waves will be read-only as of January 31 and the service will give up the ghost at the end of April. The full email, after the jump. Read More