Booting Up: Supposedly, Google Reader Is Dead Because No One Wanted to Take Care of It

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Netflix’s Q2 subscription numbers were buoyed by the new season of Arrested Development. The streaming service added 600,000 subs and generated $1.07 billion in revenue, which met investor expectations. [AllThingsD]

Google Reader is dead but its autopsy is still not finished. The RSS service reportedly perished not just because of decline in usage, but no one wanted to take ownership of it because it simply wasn’t important to Google. [BuzzFeed]

Yahoo’s media exec Mickie Rosen is departing the company. She oversaw the commerce and content side of the business, including News, Shine and OMG and supposedly wasn’t a close confidant to CEO Marissa Mayer. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Facebook employees are remembering their chef Josef Desimone who died in a motorcycle accident. Mark Zuckerberg called him “energetic and driven” in a company-wide letter. [TechCrunch]

Tweets about the royal baaaby clocked in at 25,000 tweets per minute yesterday, plus the hashtag #royalbaby was used 900,000 times since last week. [Twitter UK]


Booting Up: Zynga’s New CEO Is Going to Be Paid in 95 Percent Stock so No Pressure

Digg Reader. (Photo: Digg)

It’s now reported that Don Mattick, the new CEO of Zynga, is going to be paid in 95% stock. Nothing about this sounds a like a good deal for the former Microsoft exec. [Wall Street Journal]

Relax: unread counts and a “mark as unread” button are coming to Digg Reader today. [Digg Blog]

Of course Apple is going to build a solar array next to its data center in Reno, which will be used to provide energy not only to its offices but to the community. [AllThingsD]

Google Reader’s creator said he would “absolutely not” build it inside the company if he thought of it today.Some employees worry the threat of the eventual ax will diminish the incentive to create new products at GOOG. [Forbes]

Michael Birch, who sold Bebo to Aol for $850 million in 2008, has bought back the chat service for a reasonable $1 million. He wants to “reinvent it,” so maybe he’ll transform it into an artisanal bakery. [TechCrunch]


Booting Up: Return of the Winklevii

Bitcoin bros. (Photo: Celebrity Net Worth)

Mayor Bloomberg has his own geek squad of statisticians who are using sexy, sexy big data to make the city better. [New York Times]

Zuck’s political ambitions continue to grow with the news that he will join a superpac with techies and Republican strategists that will focus on issues like immigration and education reform. Psst Zuck, if you’re gonna target Congress, you might have to start wearing an actual suit. :( [AllThingsD]

Lawmakers are already trying to ban Google Glass while driving. One step at a time, everyone. [CNET]

Hey all you people who care about privacy: look what you did to Google Reader! [AllThingsD]

The Winklevii are back, and they have a nicer Silicon Alley office than you. [New York Times]


Google Dances on Reader’s Grave With the Launch of ‘Keep’

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This morning, I logged on to my computer and looked for my Reader tab in my Google drop-down, and it was gone. All those years of devotion and suddenly the GOOG burying our history together. (Now you actually have to go to So you’ll have to excuse me if I don’t rush to embrace Google’s latest, greatest app: “Keep,” a new note-taking service.

Announced today in a blog post, Keep offers a replacement for your current, disorganized system of crumpled Post Its and emails to yourself: Read More


Booting Up: Google Reader Users Migrate to Feedly

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Turns out having a book on the top of Amazon’s bestseller list does not make you an automatic millionaire. [Salon]

After the announcement that Google Reader would shut down in July, more than 500,000 users have already migrated to Feedly. [The Verge]

Foursquare is reportedly close to closing a Series D round that would value it at less than the valuation from its Series C. [TechCrunch]

According to his lawyer, Matthew Keys’ legal defense is going to be that he was doing work as an undercover investigative journalist. Oh, we can flout the law under the guise of “journalism!”? Brb, going to loot the Apple store. [The Next Web]

An NYU student has invented a gel that can help stop bleeding in wounds. But can it mend college’s primary injury: broken hearts? [New York Post]


Booting Up: ‘Hey, the U.S. Totally Cyberattacked Us Too’ – North Korea

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Perhaps feeling jealous of China, North Korea is now accusing the U.S. of committing cyberattacks against it. [Tech in Asia]

We’ve reached the point where online programming could actually make a significant dent at the Emmy’s. House of Cards, anyone? [The Daily Dot]

Google Reader’s demise as a wake up call: what do we lose when we become so wholly reliant on a cloud-based app? [Slate]

More techies have stepped up to the plate to fight gun violence. Big name Silicon Valley investors have launched an “innovation and investment” campaign called Sandy Hook Promise. [TechCrunch]

Guns aren’t the only political issue techies are taking up. Zuck and others are working for high-skilled immigration reform. [Hillicon Valley]


Internet Resurrection: Digg Will Launch a New and Improved Version of Google Reader

Sad. (Screenshot: Google Reader)

Fretful newshounds and anxious bloggers can stop sitting shiva. Digg, or rather Betaworks’ reboot of old Digg, wants to resurrect yet another ailing online mainstay. On its blog this afternoon, the startup announced it would be building a reader to replace the “much-loved, if under-appreciated” Google Reader.

In the post, Andrew McLaughlin, the former vice president of Tumblr who joined Betaworks as an entrepreneur-in-residence last summer, said Reader’s “early social features were forward-thinking and hugely useful.” However, as with the revamped Digg, the new iteration won’t look exactly like its predecessor: Read More