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Google Axes ‘Boyfriend Tracker’ App for Being Way Too Stalky

The app. (Photo: Facebook)

For many Brazilians, learning that the NSA was using its high tech tracking methods to invade their privacy left them rightfully outraged. But when similar spying technology is concocted for home use in an app that can track the whereabouts of a straying mate, who gives a crap about privacy?

Recently, an app called Boyfriend Tracker became a sensation in the South American country with 50,000 downloads in just two months. Read More

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Shockingly Offensive Trayvon Martin Game Pulled from App Stores Following Backlash

A screenshot from the demo video of "Angry Trayvon," which has since been removed from all app stores.

A totally tasteless smartphone game called “Angry Trayvon” has been removed from app stores following public outcry and a petition protesting the offensive app.

The game—the demo video of which we were able to watch before it was taken down—stars a hoodie-wearing, knife-wielding, shadowy-faced protagonist fighting villains on the streets of various cities. According to the video, players could “Fight in historic cities like Brooklyn, NY,” “Collect money and wallets to increase [their] score” and “Eliminate the bad guys with flying daggers.” It was previously available for download in both the Apple App Store and on Google Play. Read More

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Non-QWERTY Keyboard Alleviates Clumsy Thumbs

KALQ Keyboard (Photo: Google Play)

Forget everything you ever learned from Mavis Beacon. Researchers have developed a new keyboard just for two-thumb typing, and it doesn’t start with QWERTY.

For anyone who’s been frustrated with touch-screen typing, it’s about time — the QWERTY model dates all the way back to 19th century, according to HumansInvent. Sadly, the stenography stalwart is not two-thumb friendly. Touchscreen typists seemingly produce more typos and fewer words per minute than they would on a desktop keyboard. Read More

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Helpful New App Keeps People From Sleeping With Their Cousins

(Photo: Google Play)

Don’t you just hate it when you’re at a party and start making out with a cute guy or girl, only to later discover at a family picnic that they’re actually your cousin? As it turns out, accidentally hooking up with a relative happens so frequently in Iceland that there is an official database, called Íslendingabók or “The Book of Icelanders,” that traces the family lineage of 720,000 Icelandic citizens. Read More


Booting Up: Zuck’s First Website Was Just as Embarrassing as Yours

(Photo: Angelfire)

Digital music licensing revenues surpassed those from radio for the first time ever, mostly thanks to Google Play and Xbox. [The Guardian]

If this really is Mark Zuckerberg’s first ever Angelfire page, it’s just as mortifying as yours was. [Gizmodo]

Q1 of 2013 yielded a strangely low number of IPOs: only eight companies went public in the three-month period. [Silicon Valley Business Journal]

Not to be eclipsed by Microsoft, Samsung is getting its own brick and mortar stores, but with a twist: they’ll exist solely inside Best Buys. Guess they really like the Geek Squad? [AllThingsD]

The Facebook phone is expected to be announced today. Yay? [New York Times]


Booting Up: Trampoline to Work Edition

(Photo: Caters News Agency)

The Gmail app for iPad and iPhone got an upgrade. [Gmail Blog]

Despite the cluttered app market, half of all revenue from the app store goes to just 25 developers. [The Register]

Techstars company Karma has launched its $79 4G mobile hotspot that rewards users for sharing their connection. [TechCrunch]

If the Curiosity Rover can last eight more years, it will get a friend. NASA plans to send another rover to Mars in 2020. [BBC]

Why walk or drive to work when you could trampoline? [The Guardian]