Disappointed Explorer Pens 10 Reasons Why He’s Sending Back Google Glass

Just because.. (Photo: Tumblr)

Having been turned down by Google to become an Explorer last year, tech writer Matt Lake was excited to get his hands on a pair of Google Glass when the technology went on sale for one day last month.

But Mr. Lake’s excitement was short-lived. He claims that after three weeks of usage, he decided to send his Glass back for a refund. He also provided Google with a lengthy list of reasons why he was sending the Glass back, to serve as customer feedback. The list is now published on Computerworld, and confirms, once again, why Glass still isn’t ready for public distributionbesides the awful headaches. Read More

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Somehow They Made Google Glass a Little Dorkier

This is my crown. (Photo: Google)

Google recently announced that later this year, Glass Explorers will get a chance to swap out their prototype future specs for an updated model.

Yesterday, the company released photos of what they’ll be receiving. It looks pretty much the same, except now it’ll come with a “mono earbud” that will make the apparatus look, if possible, even dorkier. The good news is it’s detachable, so get excited about another addition to your tangled sack o’ electronics. Read More