Booting Up: Soon You Can Email Tweets Right From Twitter

Beam me up! (Photo:

Twitter is rolling out a new feature that allows you to email tweets–with option of adding a comment!–directly from the web. [Twitter Blog]

“Of course, teleportation is tricky, but physicists are getting better at it.” Yessss. [MIT Technology Review]

“Hatch was playing the role of dungeon master.” A look inside the team of engineers who helped Obama get reelected reveals that they are magnificently over-prepared nerds.. [The Atlantic]

Do you have a vacuum cleaner on hand? Then you, too, could build a scanner like Google uses to scan books without destroying their binding, because they’ve made the blueprints open-source. [Wired]

Apple now has a patent for its page-turning animation. Good to know America’s intellectual property system still protects the really game-changing innovations.  [Good E-Reader]