Going Mobile

Google’s New Mobile Site Builder Gives Three New York Businesses Mobile Makeovers

NY Dog Nanny's Mobile Makeover

With mobile web usage on the rise, companies of all sizes are clamoring to hammer out their mobile strategies, but some smaller companies aren’t properly equipped to execute them. Google, friendly giant that it is, wants to help fix that. Today, they announced that they’re offering a tool aimed at local businesses to help make their sites more mobile-friendly. Read More

Web to Go

Google Enters OnSwipe’s Game, Launches GoMo To Make Any Site Mobile

Anyone got the password?

The savvy folks at Fusible picked up on a new service from Google based on the search giants purchase of several domain names. Google seems to be offering a way to optimize any site for mobile with a service called GoMo. This is the game that New York startup OnSwipe is playing, giving publishers and WordPress blogs a simple way to get their site’s looking good on smartphones and tablets. The entrance of a big player like Google to the space is sure to shake things up. Read More