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Startup News: The Library of Congress Has a Twitter Problem

Congress Fail Whale (Photo:

API Rate Limit Exceeded Back in April of 2010, the Library of Congress promised to add every tweet up to that date to its famous archives. But like anyone following too many people at once, it’s just caused one big mess. The library now has an archive of approximately 170 billion tweets totaling to a compressed 133.2 terabytes. Now the librarians of Congress are planning to work with Gnip, the company currently organizing all of the data, to develop a plan for archiving all of the tweets.

Apparently there have already been more than 400 access requests to the Twitter archives from researches doing work on citizen journalism and political communications. Someone needs to teach the librarians how to make lists as soon as humanly possible. Read More

startup rundown

Startup News: Gojee Gets a Mobile App; Thrillist Gets a General Manager from Maxim

Yes, please. (Image courtesy of Gojee)

Hungry? The good folks at Gojee are launching a new mobile app, designed to replicate the aesthetic experience of the slick recipe site. It’s now available for download on Android, iPad and iPhone; if you’re a cautious downloader, check this demo first. The site now boasts more than 500,000 members and was a finalist for a 2012 Crunchie Award in Design–alongside Path and Pinterest.

Bro Down We’re not sure what we could add to make this more perfect: Thrillist has hired Gene Newman, Maxim‘s digital editorial director, to serve as general manager, overseeing all web and mobile content. Let’s hope the lad mags are paying attention, lest Thrillist drink their milkshake on the sly.  Read More


‘Farm Bill of Health’ Wins Civic-Minded Hackathon


This is a guest post by Brian Borger, director of content and strategy at Gojee. Follow him on Twitter at @BrianBorger.

When a sleepy 8:30 a.m. rolled around last Saturday, the labyrinthine co-working space that Cookstr calls home roared to life. Around 120 developers, designers, data crunchers, policy experts, and marketers participated in the Farm Bill Hack, hosted by Food+Tech Connect and Gojee to analyze and spread the word about the crucial piece of legislation that will be making its way through D.C. in the coming months. The bill determines funding for the agriculture industry, and influences which crops farmers produce, their quantities, and their prices. Read More

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Startup News: Startup Weekend Partners With Kauffman Foundation


STARTUP WEEKEND. Startup Weekend is now an affiliate of the Kauffman Foundation, the same entity that funds AngelList. “While Startup Weekend will continue to operate autonomously, becoming a Kauffman affiliate will allow the organization to increase its geographical reach, conduct more frequent events, and build long-term sustainability. Startup Weekend events bring entrepreneurs and supporters together and teaches Read More


Gojee, Master of the Double-Pivot, Raises $1.2 M.


Gojee, the photo-heavy recipe recommendations app–think meets What the Fuck Should I Make for Dinner–started as for food, then became Twitter for food, before its founders finally settled on the current conceit: suggestions based on preferences and allergies, plus what the cook has in his or her larder. It was a hit! And after some lovin’ from the media and users, Gojee has picked up a cool $1.2 million from Kapor Capital along with Ustream co-founder Brad Hunstable as an advisor.  Read More


New York Tech Meetup Going All Pro On Us

It’s the Jessica Lawrence era! Since the New York Tech Meetup hired a managing director, we’ve noticed upgrades to the website, including the fact that NYTM is now posting agendas before the event with the names of apps and their presenters, an improvement over the paper agendas we used to get at the door. There’s also now a video archive, although the Livestream is still not working.

Demos on deck range from food, drinks, stories, tasks and an “open source framework for creating machine vision appliances.” Sweet! We’ve written about some of them before–Gojee, CalorieCount and Onepager–but others are news to us. Full lineup is below. Read More

Pivotal Moves

Gojee and the Two Pivots

Mr. Lavalle.

Last week, the recently-launched curated recipe site Gojee scored a pick-up from swissmiss, a design blog and studio run by Tina Roth Eisenberg, which called Gojee “a beautifully designed new food lover destination.” Swissmiss referred more users than a review by TechCrunch, co-founder Michael Lavelle told Betabeat this morning. “She put us up last Wednesday and it was pretty much insanity from that point on,” he said, comparing the site’s growth to the viral new music lover destination, “The post sent us 10,000 sign-ups in 24 hours, and it blew up from there.”

But Gojee wasn’t always a beautifully designed new food lover destination.  Read More