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NBC Rejects Porn Site’s Emmy Awards Ad

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Quick: what do you think is the top adult entertainment brand in the world? Playboy? Hustler? PornHub? Turns out, it’s none of the above. That throne belongs to, a lesser-known camming site that has grown to pull in nearly a million dollars in revenue every day.

That little known fact could remain a secret as long as major cable networks have anything to say about it. has been denied from running a relatively tame advertisement during the upcoming Emmy Awards. Megan Morahan of NBC Universal’s ad sales team told them:

I ran your spot by our standards group, and unfortunately we cannot accept advertising for

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Proposed Florida Law Would Make Publishing Revenge Porn Without Victim’s Consent a Third-Degree Felony


Though revenge porn–the practice of posting pornographic photos of someone without their consent–still largely exists within a legal grey area, lawyers, hackers and victim’s rights advocates are working hard to find ways to prosecute those who disseminate it. New Jersey now has a law on the books that makes distribution of revenge porn a third degree crime, which can net you three to five years in jail. Now, the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office has proposed a bill to the Florida state legislature that would make it a third-degree felony to publish revenge porn in Florida. Read More

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Two Alleged Underage Victims Sign Onto Revenge Porn Lawsuit Against and GoDaddy

Ms. Toups (Photo: Twitter)

John S. Morgan, the lawyer helping victims of revenge porn site launch a class action suit against the site and its host, announced today that two more women have signed on to the claim. Unlike Hollie Toups, the 32-year-old Beaumont, Texas resident who came forward in order to encourage others to confront their struggles with revenge porn, these two victims are allegedly underage. New allegations of child pornography further muddle the already complex case–the most aggressive legal action taken against revenge porn thus far. Read More

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We Will Take Down This Photo of Revenge Porn Proprietor Craig Brittain If He Pays Us $250

A very "old" photo of Mr. Brittain.

Here at Betabeat, we’ve done some extensive reporting on the scourge of “revenge porn” websites, places where scorned exes or angry friends can upload intimate photos of women–and sometimes men–without their consent. Victims of revenge porn have been sexually and violently harassed, lost jobs and friends and even had to change their names because their photos ended up on one of the numerous revenge porn hubs.

Now, many women are bravely fighting back in a class action lawsuit against one site and its hosting provider, GoDaddy. Hackers, lawyers and activists are working diligently to confront a complex legal issue. Still, revenge porn sites continue to operate largely unaffected, despite the fact that more and more victims are speaking out about what happened to them. Read More

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GoDaddy Super Sorry For Epic Outage, Offers One Month Credit


GoDaddy feels so bad about its huge outage on Monday the domain register is offering customers one full month credit for their accounts.

In a letter sent to GoDaddy customers Wednesday, interim CEO Scott Wagner said GoDaddy owed customers “a big apology” for the service outage, which the hosting provider insists “was due to a series of internal network events that corrupted router data tables.”

Mr. Wagner did take a moment to defend the company before making the big announcement: Read More

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Attention, Attention-Seeking Hackers: GoDaddy is Calling You a Liar

GoDaddy, back up and running (Screengrab)

GoDaddy has issued a statement saying the outage that took down several thousand websites for a good portion of the day on Monday was caused not by any sort of hack or Directed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, but “internal network events that corrupted router data tables.” TechCrunch posted GoDaddy Interim CEO Scott Wagner’s statement about the outage. Mr. Wagner acknowledged the outage and wrote: Read More

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Hacker Claiming Responsibility for GoDaddy Attack: ‘Power to Down a Entire Country’


A Brazilian hacker with the Twitter handle @AnonymousOwn3r has taken credit for a substantial cyber attack against domain host GoDaddy. Millions of web pages hosted by GoDaddy and even domain names simply registered through the service were affected.

As of 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time Monday, the attack was 5 hours old. The New York Times‘s “Bits” blog gives some idea of just how much trouble this epic attack has caused: Read More

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GoDaddy CEO Adelman Credits Reaction from the Masses for SOPA Switch

The lesson here is that Internet mobs can sometimes get results.

Domain registrar GoDaddy, previously a supporter of the much-derided SOPA, or Stop Internet Piracy Act, suddenly pulled it support for the bill earlier today, after widespread Internet outcry and calls for a boycott.

In a conversation with Betabeat, brand-new GoDaddy CEO Warren Adelman credited “the sum of feedback from various sources,” including emails from customers, stories in the technology press, feedback from Internet leaders, and anti-SOPA blog posts, as being the impetus that forced them to take another look at the situation. Read More

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GoDaddy Stops Supporting SOPA

Picture 8

Bowing to pressure from Reddit, Y Combinator founder Paul Graham, Ashton Kutcher, and other Internet users, domain registrar GoDaddy has pulled its support of the controversial Stop Internet Piracy Act (SOPA), which is backed by many large movie studios and broadcasters as a law that would protect intellectual property rights, but vehemently derided by most everyone else as a law that would ruin the Internet Read More

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Ashton Kutcher Follows Paul Graham’s Lead: Takes His Domains Off GoDaddy to Protest SOPA

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Redditors can now count a sitcom star among their ranks, well sort of. As we told you yesterday, a Redditor named self-prodigy started a grassroots campaign to punish GoDaddy for supporting SOPA (the draconian, Internet-destroying Stop Online Piracy Act) by urging others to switch their domains to a different provider. Cheezburger CEO Ben Huh followed suite and now it seems even newbie tech investors have joined the fray.

@aplusk just tweeted out: “I am moving my domains off of @Godaddy due to their support for #SOPA. Paul Graham is also doing the right thing (cc @paulg)” Read More