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Fertility App Glow Adds Period Tracker For Willfully Childless Heathens

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Baby makin’ encouragement application Glow is adding another skill to its roster: helping people stay unpregnant.

The app launched last year, with PayPal cofounder Max Levchin leading its team of impressive tech guys. Yes, somehow the founders are all guys. But the app serves its purpose quite well. A spokesperson told Betabeat that more and more women are successfully becoming pregnant with the app’s help every day. Read More

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Fertility and Fitness Apps Join Forces in the Name of Science (And Anxiety)

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“Am I pregnant?” and “What is my BMI?” are two of the most anxiety-inducing questions facing any sexually active woman. That’s why it’s disconcerting that diet-and-workout app MyFitnessPal and fertility app Glow have joined forces–but Glow’s CEO swears it’s in the name of science.

“BMI is a big factor in one’s chance to get pregnant,” CEO Mike Huang told TechCrunch. “If you are too high, or too low below the established norm, it can cause you to have more irregular menstrual cycles and have more difficulty conceiving.” Read More

Quantified Self

Disrupt the V: With Glow, Silicon Valley Wants to Get You Ladies Knocked Up

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The quantified self movement, it seems, has finally reached America’s ovaries, which is how this reporter found herself listening to Max Levchin, the cofounder of Paypal, loudly hold forth about cervical mucous in an Upper East Side Le Pain Quotidian. He and his cofounder Mike Huang were in town to explain Glow, a fertility tracker that debuted in the App Store today. They’ve raised $6 million from Founders Fund, Andreessen Horowitz and others, in the hopes of helping more couples make babies.

That’s right: Silicon Valley has decided it’s time to disrupt your uterus. Read More