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Foursquare Announces Winners of Their Global Hackathon

Ahhh, Pari

Looks like some Foursquare hackers are set to earn a few new badges. The winners from Foursquare’s recent global hackathon are a diverse bunch, with the grand prize going to Paris-based developer Benjamin Netter, who gets a brand new badge called Platformer and a dinner with dashing Foursquare co-founder Naveen Selvadurai. Mr. Netter created Plan Your Next trip, which uses the explorer API to generate a personalized two day vacation for travellers.

Other groups of hacks won glory and fame: Sqavenger, which uses historical landmarks to create a scavanger hunt that users play by text message and check-ins as well as Intersqaures, which show the intersection of your check-ins with another user. Read More