Future of the Book

Code Meet Print Returns With Second Digital Salon at General Assembly

Evan Ratliff - Editor @ The Atavist

“Anyone who says they know what readers want in the digital age is full of shit,” says Evan Ratliff, the former Wired scribe who has gone full-time start-up. “It’s still way to early in the new form for anyone to succeed without a lot of experimentation.” Tomorrow night Mr. Ratliff will join three other local minds to discuss the future of digital publishing at the second Code Meet Print event at General Assembly.

Ratliff’s venture is The Atavist, which began as a boutique publishing house for original non-fiction on mobile devices, and has since branched out to offer its custom CMS to big publishers in fields like education looking to tap the burgeoning market for smartphones and tablets. “I don’t literally rip out the front of magazines, but I have always just read the features,” says Mr. Ratliff. The Atavist’s original intent was to create a market for pieces too long to fit in a magazine but not long enough to merit their own book. Read More