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Back To The Future: DVF Designs 80’s-Inspired Shield Frames For Google Glass

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Google has released photos of their latest effort in the war against fashion designers who seriously hate Google Glass. They announced in the middle of the night that as of June 23, you’ll be able to buy shades and frames for Google Glass designed by Diane von Fürstenberg. The new line will be available through the Glass website and luxury online retailer NET-A-PORTER.

This announcement follows the January release of their Titanium Collection and their recent plans to collaborate with Oakley and Ray-Ban. DVF told Betabeat that they’re waiting until their 2014 Resort Show to say more about the collaboration, but The Verge is reporting that the Glass by DVF will cost $1,620 — or $120 more than usual. Read More

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Google Glass Eye Doctor Backtracks After Speaking Out About Eye Pain

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Since we reported statements from Google’s consulting optometrist about the eye pains associated with using Google Glass, things have been, well, rocky. Over the past week, we’ve had a series of contentious discussions with Google — it’s almost started to feel like a bad breakup.

As soon as our story went up, Google called us with their complaints — problems with tenor, tone and attitude. They’ve also offhandedly claimed that we took the doctor’s quotes “out of context,” but when we’ve asked for exact examples of what they meant, we heard nothing back. While we understand their feelings from a PR perspective, Google hasn’t been able to contest a single fact reported in our story. Read More


Area Man Utterly Unimpressed by Futuristic Face Computer

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What’s that? You’ve developed a pair of computerized glasses that allow you to take pictures, record video, pull up directions, send messages and make calls all with a few simple voice commands? Well, that sounds lame.

Freelance tech journalist Ron Miller was excited to sign up for the Google Glass Explorers program, which delivers a beta version of the device to users at the steep price of $1,500. But when he finally got a chance to try out Glass, he wasn’t blown away the way he thought he might be. Toggling through a carousel menu was tiresome, and its functionality is pretty limited at the moment. So, Mr. Miller decided to return the device. Read More

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No-Fun Google Bans Porn from Glass

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Hot on the heels of the release of the first-ever porn app for Google Glass, cleverly titled Tits and Glass, comes the news that the boner-killing Internet giant has decided to ban porn completely from the wearable device. That means no sexy hands-free videos will be streaming to your face computer any time soon. Read More

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For Some Reason, Eric Schmidt Thinks Talking to a Computer on Your Face Is ‘The Weirdest Thing’

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Though current Google CEO Larry Page seems to be quite at home with his Google Glass, the company’s former CEO, Eric Schmidt, is much more candid about the strangeness of having the Internet dance in your field of vision at all times. Speaking to Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, Mr. Schmidt admitted that talking to a face computer as if it’s your best friend is “the weirdest thing.” At least he’s honest! Read More