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Love Is Dead: Non-Neckbeard Stanford Student Proposes to Girlfriend Over Reddit, Via Memes


Patti Stanger, Chris Harrison and everybody else fighting valiantly to uphold the sanctity of the marriage proposal can just go quit their jobs now, because a dude just proposed to his girlfriend on Reddit. Via memes.

The horrific proposal was posted this morning by a user who goes by the name SirTechnocracy, so I suppose we shouldn’t be terribly surprised. Take a look at it here: Read More

I'll Tumbl For You

Tumblr Debuts Mobile Ads, Allowing Brands to Buy Their Way Into the Dashboard


Fire up your Tumblr mobile app this afternoon, and you’ll notice something new in the river of posts flowing through your dashboard. Scroll through and for the first time, you’ll see advertising mixed in with the #RHOA GIFs and nail art.

Ad Age reports that starting today, the profit-seeking startup is rolling out sponsored posts in the prime real estate of users’ streams, though only on mobile apps. Launch partners include G.E., Warner Bros. and ABC, and at most you’ll see four per day, identified with a little dollar sign. Read More

Gif It To Me

You Can Now Google Image Search Just for GIFs

So easy!

Good news, Tumblr freaks! Starting today, Google is rolling out a very useful new feature, sure to save oodles of time when you need the perfect Nene Leakes reaction shot, pronto. You’ll now be able to filter image search results so you get just the GIFs.

This is a real victory for those of us who prefer to communicate with our loved ones entirely through moving pictures.

Not everyone is so delighted, however. As one commenter noted on the Google+ announcement: “So this is what you’re doing with all the resources you freed up when you killed Google Reader?”


Booting Up: More on the Economics of Maria Popova’s Affiliate Links

times gif

It was high time that The New York Times published a trend piece on GIFs. It was not surprising that the GIF the Grey Lady embedded didn’t actually loop..  [Gawker]

“Does she ever wonder, though, whether her readers might need that tip-jar money more than she does?” More on the blogonomics of Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings. [Counterparties]

For those of you who have always dreamed of syncing your iPod to your favorite sex toy, here are some possibilities for a high-tech Valentine’s Day. [Mashable]

After President Barack Obama issued an executive order on cybersecurity following his State of the Union address, Congress has scheduled hearings on a cyber bill. [The Hill]

Mark Zuckerberg’s stake in Facebook has climbed to nearly 30 percent, according to recent filings. [Business Insider]

Stormy Weather

Vine, Seamless, and ‘Say Yes to the Dress': An Internet Preparedness Kit for Snowstorm Nemo

Via Smile, It Looks Good on You

You’d think after Hurricane Sandy, nothing short of the actual apocalypse could rattle New Yorkers. And yet, if Twitter is any indication, it seems there’s a fair bit of panicky flailing happening around the city right now. Well, buck up, because we’ve assembled a complete Internet preparedness kit featuring everything you might possibly need.

Maybe also buy some batteries, though?  Read More

remain calm

Tumblr Is Down, So How’re We Supposed to Get Our GIFs Now?


Bad news if you’ve just received a flabbergasting email from a friend and need the perfect reaction GIF in a pinch: Tumblr is currently down, and has been for something like two hours. Navigating to the site returns the above apology that “service is temporarily unavailable,” and Down Right Now reports a likely disruption. Users have taken to Twitter to freak out.

We reached out to Tumblr spokesperson Katherine Barna, who told us:

Tumblr is experiencing network problems following an issue with one of our uplink providers. Recovery is moving quickly and we will return to full service shortly.

Until then, everyone’s feeeelings will have to be compressed into 140 character form, and all pinup shots are temporarily rerouted to Pinterest. Artsy photos go to Instagram; party pics are best placed on Facebook. For all other contingency plans, please consult the single-serve site When Tumblr Is Down.

Updated at 2:40pm: Tumblr is now back up and running.

This Happened

Here is the TV Show Based on GIFs That No One Was Waiting For


After the strange initial success and eventual flameout of the Twitter-inspired sitcom, $h*! My Dad Says, it was only natural that memes got their own TV show too. LOLwork, a show about the interoffice workings of Ben Huh’s Cheezburger Network, premieres Wednesday, Novemeber 7th on Bravo. And now that memes have already been done, there’s one final frontier in Internet-inspired TV shows–the GIF.

Everyone’s new favorite medium was used to save the Olympics, as well as reinvigorate the presidential election and now it’s going to save TV too! CBS just bought the rights to a show based on the reaction GIF blog and What Should We Call Me clone site, Hollywood Assistants. The GIF has finally arrived. Read More