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Gidsy on Berlin Tech and How to Get Ashton’s Attention

(Silicon Allee)

Wilkommen! This is part three of Betabeat’s new mini-series, Die Startup-Szene, a peek at the up-and-coming tech hub of Berlin, Germany. We sat down with entrepreneurs from three leading young companies here in the city that is only very, very occasionally referred to as Silicon Allee.

Earlier this week on another gloomy Berlin day, Betabeat found ourselves in a gated office park. To the left: a Turkish convenience store. To the right: a restaurant that only serves whole roasted chickens. In front of us: a waterpipe decorated with stickers, including a Tumblr logo. Yep, this was Kreuzberg, the Williamsburg of Berlin, and if we were playing “you might be a hipster if,” we’d admit that yes, later that night we went to see Tune Yards at a beer hall around the corner. But it was only because Edial Dekker, the adorable hipster CEO of Gidsy, recommended the show to us.

When we shlepped up to Gidsy’s office on the fifth floor, we discovered the source of the Tumblr sticker. Two girls in sundresses working out of a corner of Gidsytown, an open, white office with irregularly-angled walls like an attic, comprise the New York startup’s Berlin bureau. A three-person consultancy also shared the office, dubbed The Maker’s Loft, as Friends Of Gidsy.

Mr. Dekker appeared, a 27-year-old with tight golden curls and a flushed face, dressed in a red checkered shirt. A closeup of his half smile and crystal blue eyes recently appeared on the cover of CNBC magazine over the headline “Meet the Brats: Bored, restless, agile, tech savvy… and your deadliest rivals.”  Read More

Visiting Dignitaries

Meet Gidsy: TechStars’s SideTour Gets Its First Another Competitor in the ‘Authentic Experiences’ Market

A familiar avatar on the Gidsy homepage!

Update: As our esteemed commenters pointed out, we forgot about Vayable! Our bad.

When Betabeat first heard about SideTour, the TechStars startup serving up “authentic experiences” led by “interesting” people (say, Zen tea sessions from a Buddhist monk), we have to admit, our response was: fun idea! Smart dudes! But how big is the market of people who would actually sign up? Apparently bigger than we imagined, which might be why investors and mentors seemed so smitten with the startup.

Now, TechNewsDaily is reporting that a startup called Gidsy out of Berlin’s white hot startup scene has opened in New York City to play in SideTour’s home turf. Gidsy, which bills itself as an “authentic marketplace for tours, activity, and local events” opened in New York yesterday after launching in Berlin last week. Read More