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Fred Wilson: I’ve Seen GeoCities. And You, Tumblr, Are No GeoCities

XKCD's Geocities tribute (Photo: Inquisitr

At yesterday’s Ad Tech New York conference, Union Square Ventures investor Fred Wilson dismissed the notion that Tumblr will go the way of GeoCities. Mr. Wilson should know: he invested in both.

Although the two platforms, which both grew out of empowering community and self-expression, may share a similar trajectory–explosive traffic, scads of funding, sky high valuations–he argued that Tumblr has modern social media’s emphasis on the news feed (for elegance of consumption) combined with a different approach to advertising.  Read More

RIP Dialup

10 Bizarre Geocities Pages That Still Exist

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Remember Geocities, the 90s-era webpage builder that you probably used to host your “About Me” page in 6th grade computer class? Yahoo shut down Geocities’ U.S. service back in 2009, but according to a link on the front page of Hacker News today, a simple Google search turns up remaining Geocities websites that are still in existence. Turns out, some of them are pretty damn weird. Read More