The War on Email

Inbox Heroes: Mark Hurst, Author of Bit Literacy

Mr. Hurst. (Photo: Steve Worth)

This is a guest post from Mark Hurst – creator of Good Todo, founder of customer experience consultancy Creative Good, author of the Good Experience blog, host of the Gel conference and author of Bit Literacy, free in the Apple iBookstore.

Here’s a complaint I hear disturbingly often: “I’m really stressed by the 10,000 emails in my inbox, but I don’t have time to do anything about it.” Countless users worldwide face stress and anxiety daily as they wonder what important item might be missing in the crowded chaos of their email inbox.

Ironically enough, many productivity systems only add to the stress. You know the kind: “Just add plug-in X, configure setting Y, install widget Z, and use this particular app and this 19-step process and you’ll *begin* to get a handle on it.” This may work well for software engineers who debug compilers for fun, but the other 99.9 percent of users are unlikely to adopt such a complicated system, no matter how effective it is for the elite few who can get it up and running.

Let’s be realistic. Most people need a system that solves their email overload but *doesn’t* require a lot of time to learn or special tools to install. People want something simple, quick to learn, easy to use, and not dependent on one particular platform.

If this sounds right, I’ve got the system for you. Read More